Back to RasPiOS from Ubuntu

I returned to RasPiOS from Ubuntu a week ago. In my impression, Ubuntu is adorable operating system for RPi. I was already familiar with Ubuntu, so I was not confused. It was totally same as desktops.

On the touch-screen display, the on-screen keyboard has a very flexible advantage more than RasPiOS. GUI and themes are also luxurious look. Ubuntu supports easy configurations and many user-friendly features like simple batch rename.

But I went back to RasPiOS after a month. I will explain why I came back.

Ubuntu is heavy on the Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM even it’s fully overclocked.

  1. CPU and memory usage, and the temperature is higher than RasPiOS.
  2. Wayland based interface not displays the Dock sometimes, when booted or reboot.
  3. Often there is a lack of interface.

Not free from PulseAudio.

Some GPIO sound card HAT works with ALSA. However, PulseAudio is connected to Ubuntu-Minimal. To remove PulseAudio, it should be:

sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends pulseaudio

And this will break the APT dependencies.

Can’t detect 5G Wi-Fi internet.

I’m in Korea, Republic of. Is the country where the Internet environment is well developed. But unfortunately Ubuntu couldn’t detect 5G Wi-Fi default. RasPiOS can be done.

MEGASync must be run with the terminal.

  1. Start on startup is not working. RasPiOS can be done.
  2. It does not working with double-click or in Dock because of Wayland.

In my experience, Ubuntu doesn’t work properly for Raspberry Pi 4. I really like Ubuntu but I think it is not yet a bread for RPi.