SD Card Copier, utility to back up Pi to an SD card reader

SD Card Copier(piclone) is an utility to back up Raspberry Pi to an SD card reader.

This is an application which allows the SD card inserted into the Raspberry Pi to be copied to one in a connected USB reader.

To back up your existing Raspberry Pi OS installation, put a blank SD card in your USB card writer and plug it into your Pi, and then launch SD Card Copier. In the ‘Copy From Device’ box, select the internal SD Card.

SD Card Copier(piclone) is include by default in a standard Raspberry Pi OS(RasPiOS, previously called Raspbian) release. If you want to use this utility on a different OS, you can clone it from the GitHub repository and build it yourself.

In Ubuntu, you can build piclone by following the steps below:

git clone
cd piclone
sudo make install

To run the application with terminal,

sudo dbus-launch piclone

I have translated this software into Korean.