qView, practical and minimal image viewer

qView is an cross-platform open source image viewer, focused on practical and minimalism. As an image viewer for viewing, it hasn’t any toolbars or distractions.

qView is beautifully simple. It was designed from the very start to be as visually minimal and space efficient as possible. No cluttered interface, just your image and a titlebar.

Also fast and lightweight. You shouldn’t have to wait just to view an image. qView opens practically instantly, and switching images is just as quick, all while having low memory and CPU usage.

Nevertheless, qView is fully-featured image viewer. With features such as animated GIF controls, file history, rotation/mirroring, and multithreaded preloading, minimalism doesn’t have to be a compromise.

The software is configurable and compatible. qView features a myriad of configurable preferences. It supports all common image formats including bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff, and webp.

I worked on Korean translation for this beautiful image viewer qView.

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