Complete the Korean translation of Weblate

I’ve complete the Korean translation of Weblate. Worked for all website, hosted, application, application javascript, application language categories. This took about nine hours.

Weblate is an web-based continuous localization platform, copylefted libre software. It currently used by over 1150 libre software projects and companies in over 115 countries.


Weblate robust Features

  • Continuous Localization: automated localization workflow follows your project development closely.
  • Quality Checks: customizable quality checks helps improve translation quality.
  • Attribution: all translators are properly credited in the version control system.
  • Hosting Plans: use Weblate as a service starting at 19 EUR.
  • Cloud Ready: comes with appliances, ready to deploy in your cloud.
  • Libre Software: copylefted; use, see, modigy and share at will, and with everyone.

Looking for a web-based localization platform?

If so, I suggest Weblate or Zanata. Weblate is a popular platform already used by many companies, and Zanata is a platform that is still considered to be in development.