Icon Generator for Game Developers

Shell scripts to generate many app icons more easier for developers. This is a cloned repository, restored the old ImageMagick version and added scripts for game developers.

VERSION: 1.0.0
    all.sh icon.webp icons
    This scripts aim to generate many app icons easier and simply.
    INPUT - The source png image must be 1024x1024 pixels.
    OUTPUT - The destination path where the icons generate to.
    smallmuou <smallmuou@163.com>
    Lee Yunseok <ironyunseok@protonmail.com>

Supported Icons

  • Steam(client images) - steam.sh
  • Steam(achievement and trading card images) - items.sh
  • Humble Store(widget) - humble.sh
  • App Store App(iOS/macOS/watchOS) - ios.sh
  • Android App(not adaptive icon) - android.sh
  • Windows Ico - ico.sh
  • macOS Icns - icns.sh
  • Website favicon - included in ico.sh
  • Safari extension - included in icns.sh


  • Install ImageMagick on your device.
  • clone this repository:
    git clone https://github.com/lee-yunseok/Icon-Generator-for-Game-Developers
  • Prepare just one image for use as your all icon. The image file must be 1024x1024 pixels png format.
  • Run the shell-script(.sh) you want. If you want all icons, just run all.sh. For example:
    all.sh icon.webp icons
  • If you want to iOS iconset in your Mac, before run the script, open ios.sh or all.sh and remove ‘#’ in the line below.
    #iconutil -c icns "$OUT\iOS.iconset"
  • Note that the script of Steam achievements and trading cards are not included in all.sh because it requires image set. After preparing a set of images above 256x256 pixels-It does not matter if it has a border- you have to use items.sh for it.
    items.sh icons icons
  • Use the generated icons. For Steam client images, open OUTPUT\steam folder, compress linux-*.webp into a zip file.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Permission denied
    chmod 777 <FILENAME>.sh
  • If you have any other problem or request, just submit an issue.


Icon Generator for Game Developers is covered by the terms of the MIT license.